We paint your models to your requirements whether it be from box art or a custom personal theme.
You may wish to give us 'Artistic Freedom' for which some of our regular customers have been pleased with.
At the moment we have one standard... the best we can do!
However we will be pushing that next level by introducing a Tournament Standard later in the year.

This will be shown on our Pricing page.


Modelling can be incorporated in to your project or you can send your models already built.
(This makes for a quicker turnaround).
Modelling is a time consuming aspect of a project therefore we do charge for modelling, but would need to know how you want your models.

We also carry out conversion work.


Our painting service doesn't just cater for miniatures.
Yes we paint scenery and terrain.
This can also be modelled up for you if it's a model kit, be it plastic, resin or mdf.
Contact us for a quote on your terrain project.


Apart from a standard basing theme using our plaster system and sand, we can offer something more elaborate such as cork slabs, rocky built up bases etc.
We can also add certain extra items on the bases to enhance the projectsuch as weapons, heads, grass tufts and any other ideas you have.

Pro & Custom Solutions

We model & paint

warhammer 40k



Warhammer AOS

flames of war


warhammer fantasy

bolt action



and more

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